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As one of Florida’s major steel distribution and metal processing sources, we stock a vast inventory of all sizes, types and grades of metals. We specialize in meeting your particular needs by using technologically advanced machinery, large capacity and experienced staff. Our extensive processing capabilities will ensure that the metals you require are Ready For Business.

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Why Tampa Bay Steel

Over 35 years of metals processing and distributing

Almost any metal part in any shape imaginable

Knowledgeable sales team that will get you what you need

Competitive pricing through the power of NASA

Full service delivery fleet working on your schedule

Help minimize your cost to acquire inventory metals

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  • Ministry

    Ministry is an important part of the lives of many who work at Tampa Bay Steel and we appreciate the time devoted by our employees. Our goal is to impact people’s lives now and for eternity. One way we accomplish this is by investing in our team and community through prayer and support.

    About the Ministry

    Company Picnic 2016

    2016 Company Picnic

    Tampa Bay Steel’s ministry team is always looking for ways to bring team members and their families together. Sure, there are Christmas parties and other events, but our company spring picnic is the perfect opportunity to have fun in the sun with our work families and home families together!

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    Memorial Day 2016

    Memorial Day

    Tampa Bay Steel’s ministry team wanted to think inside the box when it came to supporting our troops this Memorial Day. We encouraged visitors, customers, vendors, and employees alike to take a military figure from our “treasure boxes” that they can take with them wherever they go as a reminder to pray for our military members and their families.

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    Bring Your Children to Work

    Bring Your Children to Work

    This year, for the first time, Tampa Bay Steel’s ministry team participated in the “Bring Your Children to Work” initiative. We were excited to allow our team members to show their kids what they do each day at Tampa Bay Steel, and the impact that each job has on the company’s success and, in turn, our community.

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